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Disposable cleanroom garments:Classification and use of protective clothing

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Disposable cleanroom garments:Classification and use of protective clothing


Protective clothing includes hats, clothes, trousers, aprons, shoe covers, etc., which can prevent or reduce the pollution of the body by thermal radiation, microwave radiation and chemicals.

(1) Heat proof clothing

The heat proof clothing shall have the properties of heat insulation, flame retardancy and firmness, but it shall be breathable, comfortable and easy to wear and take off; It can be divided into two types: non regulating and air regulating.

1. Non adjustable heat proof clothing

(1) Flame retardant and heat proof clothing: made of cotton cloth treated with flame retardant, it not only maintains the comfort, durability and washability of natural cotton cloth, but also does not accumulate static electricity. After directly contacting with flame or hot objects, it can delay the spread and carbonize clothes to form an isolation layer. It not only has the function of heat insulation, but also does not cause secondary disasters due to clothing material combustion or dark combustion. It is suitable for open fire Wear when emitting sparks or working near molten metal and working in places with flammable substances and fire hazards.

(2) Aluminum foil heat proof clothing: it can reflect most of the heat radiation and play a role in heat insulation. The disadvantage is poor air permeability. A curtain vest made of small bamboo segments or reeds can be worn inside the heat proof clothing to facilitate ventilation and enhance sweat evaporation.

(3) White canvas anti heat clothing: economical and durable, but the anti heat radiation effect is far less than the first two.

2. Air conditioning heat proof clothing: it can be divided into ventilation clothing and refrigeration clothing.

(1) Ventilated clothing

Press the cooling air into the heat proof clothing with the air compressor, absorb the heat and discharge it from the exhaust valve. Ventilation clothing requires a long air duct, which is only suitable for fixed operation. There is also a ventilation suit equipped with a micro fan, which directly supplies air to the garment interlayer to increase its air permeability and play a role in heat insulation.

(2) Refrigeration clothing

It can also be divided into liquid refrigeration clothes, dry ice cooling clothes and frozen clothes. The basic principles are the same. The difference is that the heat proof clothes contain bags or containers with low-temperature non-toxic salt solution, dry ice and ice respectively. The most practical one is the frozen clothes with ice bags.

(2) Clothing against chemical pollutants

There are generally two types:

1. It is made of polymer chemical fiber and natural fabric coated with polymer chemical fiber that is impervious to or has low permeability to the chemicals to be protected, and is treated with some auxiliary agent dip rolling or waterproof coating to improve its anti permeability, such as protective clothing for pesticide spraying personnel.

2. It is made of polypropylene, polyester or chlorine fiber to prevent acid and alkali. For these protective clothing, the state has certain standards for air permeability, moisture permeability, oil and water repellency, acid and alkali resistance and penetration of specific poisons.

(3) Microwave shielding clothing

There are generally two types:

1. Metal wire cloth microwave shielding clothing: it is made of tussah copper wire, which has the function of reflection shielding.

2. Metal plated cloth microwave shielding clothing: with electroless copper (nickel) conductive cloth as the shielding layer, the outer layer of the clothing is polyester cotton cloth with certain dielectric insulation performance, and the inner layer is lined with silk thin silk. This kind of shielding clothing has the characteristics that the coating is not easy to fall off, relatively soft and comfortable, light weight and so on. It is a new and effective anti microwave shielding clothing at present.

(4) Dustproof clothing

It is generally made of dense cotton cloth, linen or canvas. It shall have good air permeability and dust resistance. The styles include one-piece type and split type. The cuffs and trouser openings must be tied tightly, and double-layer buttons shall be used, that is, cover cloth and buttons shall be sewn outside the buttons to prevent dust from entering.



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