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Disposable Coverall walmart:Performance characteristics and application scope of medical protective clothing

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Disposable Coverall walmart:Performance characteristics and application scope of medical protective clothing


Medical safety protective clothing, also known as medical protective clothing, as the name suggests, is a kind of protective clothing specially used in the medical industry for the body of medical workers. Medical protective clothing is the work clothes of medical staff to isolate bacteria, harmful ultra-fine dust, acid solution and salt solution and keep the environment clean. PP (polypropylene, accounting for 62% of the total) non-woven fabric material and special breathable membrane for external protective clothing are adopted, which has strong permeability and anti-static; Better impermeability, high impact resistance while resisting the corrosion of a variety of organic solvents and acid-base. Strong mechanical properties, soft and comfortable texture. Non combustion supporting, non-toxic, non irritating and harmless to skin.

At present, safety protective clothing can be divided into industrial protective clothing, medical protective clothing, military protective clothing and special protective clothing. Medical protective clothing also belongs to the category of disposable protective clothing.

There are many kinds of medical protective clothing in the market. Among them, the medical protective clothing (disposable protective clothing) is commonly used by the government CDC, health medical institutions and central hospitals. It is a Tyvek1422A strip medical protective clothing provided by Dupont, which is used in the original disease control cases (such as SARS, earthquake, H1N1 influenza A, H7N9 avian flu, etc.).

In addition to DuPont protective clothing, which accounts for a large proportion of the market, it is followed by two medical protective clothing for different occasions provided by Lakeland. Among them, Max amn428e sterilized disposable medical protective clothing and another reinforced Max amn428ets rubber strip medical protective clothing.

For the research on the quality of medical protective clothing (medical protective clothing), the United States is the top one at present. It has a relatively perfect set of testing and certification standards. Manufacturers need the certification of authoritative institutions, and regularly evaluate and review the manufacturers, and conduct random inspection from time to time. After SARS, our country has also improved the technical requirements of gb19082-2009 medical disposable protective clothing. Medical protective clothing (medical protective clothing) is judged by its index evaluation, including air permeability, wear resistance, bending resistance, flame retardancy, puncture resistance, surface resistivity, burst strength and seam ability.

We often say that the purpose of safety protective clothing is to protect the human body from the invasion of the external environment and the impact of the human body on the product and working environment. It has a wide range of applications, such as:

1) Paint construction outside the wall, glass wool insulation construction, polyurethane wall decoration, mechanical ship surface treatment and painting Electroplating surface polishing, wood surface sanding, painting treatment and other highly polluting environments.

2) Production of high-precision electronic components, assembly of precision optical equipment, experimental research on biochemical organic matter, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, insect prevention, epidemic prevention, fertilization and medication.

3) Biopharmaceutical industry production, vaccine culture laboratory. 10000 class purification workshop protection.

4) Food processing: dairy production, filling, etc.

Standard group specializes in providing a full set of protective clothing testing instruments, including air permeability tester, moisture permeability tester, tear strength tester, bacterial filtration tester, blood permeability tester, etc. welcome to inquire.



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