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Disposable Coverall:The first group standard broadcast article of disposable ordinary protective clothing in Guangdong

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Disposable Coverall:The first group standard broadcast article of disposable ordinary protective clothing in Guangdong

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Since the outbreak of covid-19 pneumonia, protective clothing has become one of the most widely used protective materials. What standards should disposable general protective clothing meet? On May 26, the group standard "disposable general protective clothing" of Guangdong Standardization Association was officially released and implemented. The regiment standard specifies the terminology, definition and requirements for the disposable protective clothing, which fills the blank of the standard of domestic disposable protective clothing, and the technical indicators are advanced and applicable.

Jointly drafted by more than 30 domestic well-known enterprises and technical institutions

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for ordinary protective clothing has surged. However, the lack of standards for ordinary protective clothing at home and abroad has created an embarrassing situation for product quality control and improvement.

For emergency needs, many enterprises use medical protective clothing standards to organize production, and use a large number of medical or even better materials to produce disposable ordinary protective clothing, which not only increases costs, wastes resources, but also fails to achieve the effect of non-medical protective clothing. Some enterprises use enterprise standards to organize production, but there is a problem of missing main technical indicators, and it is difficult to ensure product quality and applicability. Some inferior products take the opportunity to make up for the number. This is not conducive to the quality control of production enterprises and the government's supervision of the market.

This situation is expected to change rapidly. The group standard of Guangdong Standardization Association "disposable general protective clothing", proposed and centralized by Guangdong Standardization Association and drafted by Guangzhou inspection, testing and Certification Group Co., Ltd. in conjunction with 30 domestic well-known enterprises and technical institutions, was reviewed by the expert group on May 25, 2020 and officially released and implemented today.

The group standard specifies the terms, definitions, requirements, test methods, instructions for use, packaging, transportation and storage of disposable ordinary protective clothing. It is applicable to clothing products with nonwovens as the main fabric and providing appropriate barrier and protection when in close contact with others in the daily environment.

Fill the gap in the domestic standard of disposable ordinary protective clothing

The expert group confirmed that the standard of the group filled the blank of the standard of domestic disposable protective clothing. The technical indicators were advanced and applicable. Some of the technical indicators were in line with international standards and reached advanced level, which provided technical support for promoting the use of high-quality protective clothing in high quality market. The internal quality control of products mainly focuses on three aspects:

The first is the control of protective performance. The basic technical requirements are specified, including 7 indexes such as dry state microbial penetration resistance, wet state microbial penetration resistance, water permeability resistance, breaking strength, bursting strength and formaldehyde content. Among them, the requirements of dry state resistance and wet state resistance are the core technical indicators that directly determine the protection performance. The index requirements are consistent with the European standard EN 13795-1:2019 requirements and test methods for surgical clothes and operating orders Part 1: surgical clothes and operating orders, and the Chinese medical standard YY / T 0506.2-2016 operating orders, surgical clothes and clean clothes for patients, medical staff and instruments Part 2: performance requirements and test methods. Considering that most protective clothing is made of adhesive strips, films and other materials, which contain adhesives, and there is a risk that formaldehyde exceeds the standard, the group standard has added the limit requirement of formaldehyde content: ≤ 75mg / kg with reference to gb18401 class B requirements.

Secondly, starting from improving comfort, innovatively set the moisture permeability quality classification. Moisture permeability is an important index to measure the physiological wearing comfort of nonwoven products. It also characterizes the permeability of protective clothing to water vapor. It is to evaluate the ability of protective clothing to dredge the sweat vapor emitted by human body. There are no assessment requirements for moisture permeability in relevant European and American standards, and there are corresponding index requirements for moisture permeability in two national standards in China. The group standard divides the moisture permeability of protective clothing into three grades: Grade A, AA and AAA to characterize the quality grade of the product. Among them, class a adopts the indicators specified in the national standards, while Class AA and AAA indicators are much better than the requirements of the national standards, reaching the advanced level at home and abroad, providing a basis for consumers' choice and facilitating the promotion of high-quality products.

Thirdly, starting from the applicability of the product, the technical requirements of options are set. Due to the variety of protective clothing and different requirements for different posts and different purposes, the group standard sets water permeability (hydrostatic pressure), antistatic performance and flame retardant performance as optional requirements, and stipulates that if there are other special performance requirements, they can be agreed by the supplier and the supplier in the contract. When the product indicates its functionality, it needs to meet the corresponding index requirements. For example, the anti-static and flame-retardant properties of protective clothing expressly adapted to the use of gas stations should be assessed. All indicators of the selected items shall meet the requirements of national standards and be in line with international standards as far as possible. For example, the anti-static performance requirements shall meet the index requirements of European standard EN 1149-5:2008 to ensure the required protection effect.

The expert group believes that the implementation of the mission target will effectively promote the technological progress of the general protective clothing industry, guide enterprises to improve their quality awareness, standardize the civil general protective clothing market and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.



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